secure cash

Lelantos utilizes Spinnakers iBox RDS dual purpose intelligent security ink cash box. Speed up multiple cash collections with this deposit-only cash protection box. Use it as a residential drop safe to secure your cash onsite.

With Spinnaker’s intelligent cash protection systems, physical attacks result in a security ink staining loose, bagged or plastic wrapped cash. Staff can reduce the risk of being harmed and relinquish the cash boxes knowing thieves will be denied any reward.

iBox RDS

faster multiple cash collections

Save time and money by using just one iBox RDS to make multiple cash collections in neighbouring high street stores or shopping centres. No need for guards to return to vehicles after each collection. Collected cash is secure at all times.

Reduce cash shrinkage

Using the iBox RDS as a residential drop safe deters external attack, shrinkage and internal fraud. Cash is deposited in a secure chute with no staff access. The full iBox is collected by the CIT company and exchanged for an empty one.

Non-armored vehicle cash collection

The iBox RDS reduces the cost of armoured vehicle collections. One customer uses 250cc motor tricycles equipped with three RDS boxes for multiple cash collections. With the iBox enhanced security, guards can safely store cash unattended while they collect elsewhere.

vehicle interfaces

Carry multiple iBoxes in your cash in transit vehicle in complete safety with our smart and secure rack solutions.

remote control

Increase security and control your iBox remotely with Spinnaker’s innovative technology.

dna marking

Add DNA markers to help you recover and identify your assets and bring criminals to justice.



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