Based in Chesaning, Michigan – Lelantos Transport is able to service the entire state of Michigan through an extensive route building protocol that is proprietary to Lelantos. We aim to provide professional secure transport of medical marijuana within the state lines of Michigan under strict compliance and regulations as monitored by LARA and the state board. A partnership with Lelantos is not simply a transaction but a way to help grow into the future with proactive solutions and ability to drive costs lower and value higher. Our years of experience within the transportation and logistics sector has created a competitive approach to the supply chain.

Through ownership, executive management and driver’s execution, Lelantos is top of their class for secure transport. Our team at Lelantos is committed instilling culture and higher thinking, in turn creating confidence for our clients who represent the largest growers, processors, testers and provisioning centers in the state of Michigan.

We are compliant & insured

Secure Transport

From secure approved Lelantos terminals we operate the safest and cost competitive solution to meet your secure transport needs. With all drivers and staff compliant vetted through comprehensive background checks, we offer the safest most reliable solutions on the road.

Track and Trace

Lelantos developed a proprietary software system that tracks and monitors your delivery at any point of transit within the supply chain from grower, processor, tester and to the end customer, the provisioning center. METRC compliant with third party validator – StashStock – Lelantos will track your products through the entire care, custody and control of the delivery.


With more than 40 years’ experience in transportation supply chain, we understand regulated and secure transport. Utilize Lelantos professionals to be an extension of your management team who will have your interests first and foremost.

Data Management

Through data collection let Lelantos provide you full visibility within your entire supply chain. We collect valuable information and share with clients important details that help drive sales and increase revenues.

Data Analytics

With sophisticated data analytics we are able to find efficiencies throughout your supply chain driving down costs and increasing profits.

Scanning Technology

Lelantos proprietary software is the driving force behind our success as a secure transporter within the state of Michigan. All drivers are equipped and trained to operate this system which provides a level of visibility unparalleled in secured transportation of medical marijuana.


Services Needed

Product Transport
Risk Assessment
Cash Storage
Cash Transport
Product Storage
Background Checks